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makohi asked: How upset would you be if I make you a BLT sandwich and the BLT was Broccoli, Lemon, and Turkey?


That sounds interesting, actually.

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megan-the-warrior-princess asked: Your art is the cutest! I bought your Sailor Scout prints at Emerald City Comic Con this year and I was wondering if you had a Tuxedo Mask one to go with it? My friends and I are using them as door signs in our apartment and I need one more so everyone can have one. Do you do commissions?


I’m not taking commissions right now, super busy.  BUT, I’m planning on being at ECCC again next year, and I really want to do a set of the outer senshi for 2015!  I’ll add Tuxedo Mask to that batch, from your suggestion!  I’ll hold a set for you!

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Weekly twitter throw up.

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sirdarkhourglass asked: Hey! I just finished reading all of Harpy Gee! And I just wanted to say the art and the story is awesome so far! Also is there a way to buy a physical copy? =o


Thanks!! <3

There’s a small black and white preview copy available at http://stuartngbooks.com/harpy-gee-signed-with-a-drawing.html

I’m planning on having a full color book available in the future, but it probably won’t be ready for a long time. 

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Because there’s still so many characters to meet, and stories to tell. #throwbackthursday


Because there’s still so many characters to meet, and stories to tell. #throwbackthursday

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water-in-the-dirt asked: If you wanted to put more Harpy Gee stickers on redbubble, like especially ones of Harpy or Humphrey (wiiiith wiingsss!!) in that gorgeous detailed style you do with markers--You know, only if you WANTED, if it would be beneficial for you--I would buy them.


Hmmm…..This could be a plan for the upcoming weekend. <3


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Twitter blorps from the last few weeks.  

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