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axtons-butt asked: im so glad i found your art again!! i saw your animation of Love Shine on youtube and it was adorable <': keep up the lovely work!


Thank you!  :D

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The magic circle of the magical lady society.
I wish this existed.  

The magic circle of the magical lady society.

I wish this existed.  

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fluffberries asked: Hiii! I was just wondering, what are the Harpy Gee character's heights? (my headcanon is: Harpy 5'5'', Opal 5'2'', Humphrey 5'9'', Ash 6'1'')


That seems like a close estimate.  Their proportions are fairly cartoonish.

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franklloydamirite asked: I love reading Harpy! The characters are funny and I'm loving the art/coloring. Have you planned how long it will be? Will it continue to take place over a day or few days like it's going right now?


Thank you!

Harpy will be going for at least another year.  The story will probably take place over days, with little time skips when needed.  I don’t know how far along the comic will be by winter, but I’m planning on throwing in some stand alone updates every once in awhile. ( I really want to draw some snow!)

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theafter-effect asked: Just wanna say I love the Harpy Gee comic I look forward to the update every monday and I ship HarpyxHumphrey so bad but my question is How did you know that your idea/story and all the characters were ready to become a comic, was there a certain point in time when you felt that you were ready and what advice do you have for artist who are interested in making their own comics?



I’ll try my best to answer your question!

Harpy didn’t start out as a comic.  She was a character I started doodling after art college.  I still wanted to keep learning through my own projects, and I wanted to make the sort of cartoon I would’ve watched when I was younger.  I wasn’t really sure where I would do with the idea, but I was working my first animation job at the time, and my boss and coworkers would talk a lot about story structure, how to set up character’s personalities so they play off each other, how to not write yourself into a corner.

A couple years after that, a studio I was working at started accepting ideas for animated shorts, and I went ahead and pitched Harpy.  They were really supportive, and gave some really constructive notes.  It didn’t make it very far, but I learned a lot from the experience.  I tried to pitch a couple of times elsewhere, but those experiences where pretty depressing, I was naive and didn’t realize what I wanted to do didn’t fit in with what the industry wants.   I moved onto other projects, and left Harpy alone, I didn’t think it was going to become anything more than an idea.

Last year, Gabe Swarr and Katie Rice at www.Dummcomics.com invited me to have a spot on the website.  I needed to try something new, and had never considered a comic.  I have a few other characters and stories I could’ve used, but Harpy had enough material that it seemed the best choice for an ongoing comic.

It was really intimidating, and I tried to quit a few times the first couple of months. I had to relearn the characters’ personalities, what their goals where, what made Harpy’s world different than projects I worked on before.

Since starting the comic, it has a life of it’s own now, and almost everyday a new idea pops up.  I’m working off of a story outline.  There’s so much that’s organic and changing, but that’s also what I love about it.  It hasn’t felt stale to draw every weekend, I look forward to it!  I’m really glad I didn’t stop and that friends didn’t allow me to give up!  It’s also been a really wonderful boost knowing my friends are reading it!  

Starting any new project is intimidating, but you just don’t know how it’ll turn out unless you start.  It’s really helped keeping a sketchbook full of notes and sketches, so every week I’m not stuck trying to figure out what to do next.  

If you’re thinking about making a comic, I recommend it!

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alex-misc asked: So in what order is the Harpy Party? (Youngest to oldest)


I’m not actually sure if it’s a spoiler to say or not!  

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nuclearwhatever asked: I just realized that you made Amethyst! I really loved the shorts which is weird because I just randomly happened to find your blog and was the one who created my favourite DC shorts.


Yes!  I love drawing fantasy characters, thank you!  I really loved making Amethyst too.

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nuclearwhatever asked: How old are the characters in Harpy Gee?


They’re around late teens/early twenties.

Harpy is the oldest.  :)

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