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pvtsgartblog asked: Love your use of Line Weight with the sketches, that's something I truly admire and wish that I could master.


Thank you!  Inking is really, really, hard for me.  I tend to use too much pressure, and I often get impatient and draw the line a little to fast.  Which can make it look wobbly and messy.  I have to remember these faults and try to compensate.

But when I can get it almost right, it feels really good!  
Inking is art in itself, I really appreciate those who ink over others art!

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Stuff I drew for others during San Diego comic con. Thank you everyone who stopped by!

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lennydrawsthings asked: I just wanted to say your art style is really nice. It's kind of angular, but not really, and very expressive. For some reason I really like how you draw flowing hair/fabric. Do you have certain artists who inspired and influenced you?


Thank you!

Yes, there are certain artists/styles that have influenced me.  I work in tv animation, and I’m definitely influenced by those I’ve worked with.  In TV, when designing characters, we have to figure out how to draw hair simply so overseas can follow it.  The simpler it is, the less mistakes we get back in the animation.  This can make the designs bland, but it can also force you to come up with new ways to treat hair!  

I also like looking at how some cartoons/anime treat hair.

Faves are Nia from Gurren Lagann, and Aurora’s hair from Sleeping Beauty.  They’re both great examples on how to treat hair in motion, and both are very different!
I had to make a model sheet a few years ago showing how to break down hair, but I’m much more comfortable with drawing now then I was then.  Remember that even tho hair has shape, so much can affect it.  Gravity, motion, is it short, tied up?  Curly or straight?  It can be soft and flexible, so don’t be afraid to squish it!

Here’s a quick example about what I think about when drawing hair, there’s quite a few great tutorials online for hair too. 

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The Idiot’s Dream

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Some old Scott and Barda sketches from a couple of years ago.  For fun when I was bored.

These were drawn on a giant post-it paper pad!

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